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for bottling drinking water

About company

In our age of artificial intelligence, it is not surprising that most of the processes of life undergo automation. The I-Tech company was founded in 2014 in Izhevsk.

Our specialization is the design and manufacture of water bottling machines. The presence of our own production base, the introduction of modern technologies, materials and the development of our own software allows the company to implement the most complex projects with consistently high quality.

All equipment manufactured by the company is tested in production. This allows you to more closely monitor the performance of the machine before release and transfer to the customer.

The machine monitoring system, which has no analogues, is an out-of-competition product, the result of the work of our IT-specialists was created to exercise full control over the machine remotely. We carefully monitor the quality of our products. This allows us to guarantee our partners reliable long-term operation of equipment for water spills..

Why us?!

Our product


The automatic module for the sale of drinking water is a system consisting of an integrated filling module and a dispensing device, as well as additional options, the availability of which depends on the equipment of the device and the individual wishes of the customer.

The module is assembled in two trim levels: maximum and standard, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

The built-in module is made in anti-vandal design.


ITECH team



Рязанцев Александр Петрович

Head of Production Department

Фото  04 Шкляев2

Шкляев Сергей Михайлович

Lead Design Engineer


Микрюков Дмитрий Сергеевич


Фото  05 Быков2

Быков Иван Анатольевич

System Administrator


Мухамадиев Роман Юрьевич


Саломатов Евгений Львович


Могунов Станислав Максимович


Зарипов Ильдар Рауисович







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